Vertical Smoker with Offset Smoker Box Modification


This is a replay of the popular modification to the Smokey MountainVertical Smoker box.  With this option, you can now use wood or charcoal in addition to the standard propane that the unit comes with.  The modification is easy to do with some basic tools.  I found  mine at the Home Depot for $89.00 plus tax.  It only took an hour or so to put together.   Here we go:

Brinkman offset smoker box from Home Depot.

The firebox comes with several parts but is actually easy to assemble.

Firebox assembled and put next to the vertical smoker.

This is where the oval will be drawn with a pen.

Oval drawn and ready to be cut out.


I drilled out the mounting holes first.

Then  drill a couple of 1/4 inch holes to start an area for the tin snips to start cutting.  Cut out the oval.  You an use a jig saw or sawzall with a metal blade also.

Hole cut, mounting holes drilled.

Ready to give it a try.  I used ALL OF THE GRILLS to protect the bottom from burning a hole through it in time. (there are other mods for this also)


Start a fire AND start the propane burner to bring it up to temperature faster.

So far, so good.

I like the mod.